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stick_it_here's Journal

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this is a community open to everyone about sex, mainly virginity.

we'd like to know if you are a virgin - aren't a virgin.
plan on keeping it - lost it already.
wish you would - wish you hadn't.
how you'd like your first experience to be - how your first experience was/what you wished it would have been.

we DO NOT want to hear how great it was to have your tallywhacker sucked by your boyfriend/girlfriend last night, alright?
please stick to the subject.

photos are welcome too, i guess.

1. NO PORN. it just grosses some people out, sorry all of you freaks out there.
2. No harrassing other members. You will be banned for it.
3. Use and LJ-Cut if you're going to write a long entry, please.
4. Okay it with one of the moderators before whoring other communities here.
5. Alright, so this isn't really a rule, but PROMOTE US.

those seem simple and easy to follow, right?

your moderator's are: stuckinfebruary and bloodyjuly
got a problem? come to us.

this is also a